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For International Business in Vietnam


About VKE Consult

​A one-stop-business solution for business licenses, human resources, tax and accounting, enterprise law, work permit, residence card, visa, immigration, and house and office rental services. VKE Consult is a leading full-service Vietnamese law firm made up of experienced  and talented lawyers. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, the firm’s main purpose is to provide the most practical, efficient and lawful advice to its international and domestic clients. VKE Consult is operated by legal experts who extensive experience in many fields and talented and enthusiastic colleagues. We want to use our extensive legal knowledge, multi-dimensional perspective, and positive attitude to provide the most complete and complete legal service. We build various diverse with a practical range of legal services in many areas. In that, based on risk assessment and plan orientation, we offer efficient legal solutions to eliminate or minimize legal risks in business activities and the daily life of Clients.


Why Vietnam ?

Fast growing economy

Political stability

Young & Low-cost workforce

Attractive tax regime


Open door policy for foreign investment

Select your business registration options

VKE Consult can help you setup Representative Office or 100% foreign-owned company or jointly foreign and domestic owned enterprise in Vietnam. 
The most popular corporate structures are:


Joint stock company

Require complicated corporate structures

⦁    3 owners (minimum)

⦁    100% foreign-owned or joint venture

⦁    20 – 30 working days setup time

Limited liability company

The most common structure for foreign investors

⦁    Single or multiple owners

⦁    100% foreign-owned or joint venture

⦁    20 – 30 working days setup time

Clapping Audience
Small Meeting

Representative office

Before fully expanding into Vietnam, Ideal for foreign companies seeking to research and observe the local market in Vietnam ⦁    Foreign trader established at least one year ⦁    No shareholders or partners ⦁    100% owned by head office ⦁    20 – 30 working days setup time Features of the Representative Office: ⦁    Role of Contact Office for parent Company ⦁    Manages Contracts Signed with Local Partners ⦁    Conduct Market Research ⦁    Open A bank Account for Operations ⦁    Profit Generating Activities not allowed

How to start your

Our Services

Business Meeting

Incorporation & Licensing services


Accounting Outsourcing

Colleagues Working Together

Human resources payroll

Doing Homework

Work permit, resident card & visa

Typing with Prosthetic Hand

Add on services

High School Friends

M&A Services

Landmark 81 seen from below in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ready to incorporate?

If you’re interested in starting a business in Vietnam, VKE Consult can support.
Request a proposal now to take the next step towards your business

Our Clients

Our clients are mostly small to medium sized companies most of whom are located in ASEAN. 
But many are also from Hongkong, China, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Denmark, India and many other countries.

Below are our significant clients

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