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Sub-licenses/ special permits

Product declaration 

Import/ export license

Trading license

Trademark registration/ Patent registration

Process for implementation of the product declaration


⦁    Advice on selecting category of the product declaration.

⦁    Assist in composing and submitting product declaration dossiers.

⦁    Keep track of progress and hand over results to Client


⦁    Testing Time: 5 – 7 working days from the receiving date of product sample.

⦁    Registration Time for product quality declaration: 10 working days from the date of application submission.

Procedures of registration of product declaration

Contact & Quote

Get in touch with VKE Consult to be advised and get a quote

Engage service

A discussion and mutual agreement for a registration of product declaration

Conduct service

Upon the service agreement is signed, VKE Consult will assist in handling all procedures and hand over results to Client

Procedures of import/ export in Vietnam


To import to Vietnam, there are two crucial documents you need to obtain: an investment registration certificate (IRC) and a enterprise registration certificate (ERC) . The process of getting these two documents can take up to 2 months.

Business Meeting

As with IRC and ERC, you can import and export products to and from Vietnam with it – no need for a separate import license. The same goes for wholesaling your goods to businesses, you don’t need any additional licenses beside IRC and ERC. It is a total perk for businesses seeking a simple and easily-access market.

Business Meeting

But be noted that if your target is to sell goods directly to end consumers in Vietnam, you will need to get a retail trading license. This retail trading license can take 2 to 3 months to obtain.

Import/ export documents in Vietnam

Import/ Export Documents required for cross-border trading, including but not limited to: 

⦁    CIPL – Commercial invoice or Packing List
⦁    International Shipping Documents – Bill of lading or air waybill 
⦁    Certificate of origin (if requested)
⦁    Release Order
⦁    Import clearance/permit
⦁    Inspection Report

Customs Classification

The classification of import and export goods must be based on:
⦁    Vietnam ’s Classification List of Import and Export Goods; 
⦁    Preferential Import Tariff Nomenclature; Export Tariff Nomenclature;
⦁    Six (6) general rules of HS Convention;
⦁    Obligatory explanatory notes of HS Convention;
⦁    Making references to supplementary explanatory notes of ASEAN Harmonised Tariff
⦁    Nomenclature and detailed explanatory notes of the Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System (HS).
Nominating a Freight Forwarder/Agency to deal with import customs clearance in Vietnam is highly recommended.
For more information on import procedure in Vietnam, please contact us. 

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